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October 2012 Creative Research: Slow Living


October 5, 2012

Our 24/7 tech-centric lifestyles have us craving more downtime than ever. We’re recognizing the need to slow down and unplug – even if just for a moment – to connect with ourselves and enjoy that which makes us human. As multimedia and consumer messaging continues to occupy every inch of our external space, vying for attention, we’re looking inward to gain a sense of personal calm, creativity and fulfillment.

As life speeds up, our need for the most basic pleasurable experiences is growing. We’re increasingly looking for ways to reconnect with simple pleasures through earthly delights and indulgences – particularly through the senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and feel. Indulging our senses give us the opportunity to escape from our daily routine and a chance to relax and, quite literally, smell the roses. As we slow down, we’re finding joy in everyday experiences from the first sip of a cup of coffee to the warmth of a wool sweater, the sound of an old song and the smell of fresh linens. While multisensory products and environments are on the rise, it’s in the small details of daily life that we’re beginning to recognize the beauty, grace and sensuality that have always existed, making it seem as though there are now more ways to enjoy life than ever before – especially if we take the time to slow down and take note.




  1. [...] Last month, we talked about the growing desire within modern society to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures in life – an idea that’s culminating in a cultural shift to deliberately unplug and retreat from our tech-centric world from time to time. As external pressures continue to mount and the pace of life accelerates, many people – religious or not – are also seeking a greater sense of spirituality as a way to introduce calm, comfort, and meaning into their everyday lives. As a result, travel to remote and isolated destinations is increasing as more people seek a certain solitude, beauty, or general lack of distraction as a way to reconnect with oneself and soothe the soul. [...]

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