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2013 April Creative Research: Food for Thought


April 5, 2013

From East to West, our eating habits have changed considerably over the last decade. Driven largely by budget, health, and environmental issues, today’s consumer is more food savvy than ever before, often taking an active interest in how and where food is sourced.

Farmer’s markets and local/organic vegetable delivery services are soaring in popularity as more people grow distrustful of industrial agriculture. Consumers are demanding farm-to-fork options that support local businesses, humane animal treatment, and sustainable practices.

As wellness becomes the new status symbol, processed foods are quickly being replaced by dishes that use less fat, salt, and sugar. Gluten and allergen-free alternatives, meanwhile, are reaching beyond niche markets and quickly filling mainstream supermarket shelves along with chia seeds, faux meats, and ancient grains like quinoa, teff, and millet that offer a nutritious boost. By choosing healthier foods, consumers are becoming more mindful eaters. As a result, friends, families, and communities are coming together to share traditions and recipes along with a greater sense of purpose, commitment, and authenticity.

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