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2013 December Creative Research: Real People, Real Lives


December 10, 2013

The reality trend is here to stay. While we’ve talked about the need for visuals depicting real people in the past, it’s a topic that’s gaining more attention from advertisers and consumers alike. As more people look for reflections of themselves in advertising, marketers are responding with ads depicting fewer size-0 models and celebrities and more real people and relatable moments. However, it’s not just about real people, but real families and real situations – everything from blended families and single dads to gay and interracial couples in everyday moments. By depicting scenes that more accurately reflect modern society, brands are gaining increased credibility while satisfying our growing interest in real people, stories and experiences. Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, which debuted nearly a decade ago, set the stage for increased authenticity in advertising by celebrating individuality and imperfection at all ages and fitness levels. Today, we’re seeing even more honest and refreshing depictions of everyday life from the likes of Cheerios, Barclays, VW and Crate and Barrel, whose communications speak to a diverse audience while giving consumers a taste of authenticity that’s universally relatable. In the age of user-generated content and increased transparency, visual communications that accurately portray the nuances of the human existence are becoming the norm rather than the exception as people of all ages, shapes, sizes and ethnicities finally begin to take center stage.



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