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2013 February creative research: sixties style


February 1, 2013

Everything old is new again this year as the swinging sixties make a comeback on catwalks, movie screens, and throughout visual culture. Designers from Marc Jacobs to Prada and Chanel all referenced the era in their Spring/Summer lines for 2013 through micro hemlines, monochrome stripes, squares and swirls paired with over-sized accessories, beehives, and black eyeliner. Interior and architectural designers, meanwhile, are implementing retro-inspired looks through the use of bubble shapes, plastic furniture, and science-inspired accents and structures that hark back to the swell of interest in space travel and scientific advancement that defined the 1960s. As Mad Men returns for its sixth season in April and audiences flock to see films like Hitchcock, it’s obvious that our fascination with a bygone era shows no sign of waning. However, the sixties were also symbolic as a decade of dramatic change. While our desire for nostalgia is unquestionable, it’s perhaps our own quest for change that keeps us revisiting the past.



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