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2013 March creative research: the revival of skateboarding


March 4, 2013

As previously discussed, our fascination with nostalgia is going strong and spilling over into countless industries from entertainment and fashion to sports and apparel. Most recently, skateboarding has taken the spotlight with a reported 80% swell in participation over the last ten years.

Born as an urban alternative to surfing in 1970s America, the once fringe activity is now a mainstream global industry worth over $7 billion. As board manufacturers embrace new materials and technologies to bring the sport into the 21st century, consumers are voting with their wallets for revivals and re-issues of retro mini cruisers – or ‘pool boards’ – like those used to skate the empty swimming pools of 70s California. Sales of old-school skateboarding footwear and apparel, meanwhile, are booming while savvy advertisers implement the use of outdated home video equipment to shoot promotional videos that exude the kind of grassroots authenticity that was present at the sport’s inception and keeps modern consumers coming back for more.

See more skateboarding images on Corbis here.



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