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2013 October Creative Research: Hooray for Halloween!


October 4, 2013

For years, Halloween has been steadily growing in popularity throughout the world. Americans alone are expected to spend nearly $10 billion on candy, costumes and decorations this year, with 71.5% of adults planning to celebrate in some way this month. It’s not just the US that’s taking part in the festivities. Halloween celebrations have been on the rise throughout much of Europe and Asia, with Great Britain experiencing a 700% rise in adult costume sales since 2009. The most popular costumes this year will include witches, vampires, pirates and zombies (thanks in large part to popular movies and TV shows) and adults seem to be driving much of the growth, reportedly buying more costumes and attending more Halloween parties than ever before. As a secular holiday that’s typically less expensive than gift-giving fests, Halloween has enjoyed a surge in popularity among people of all faiths looking to have some fun on a budget. As the effects of the global financial crisis continue to loom, with many people reporting increased levels of stress and anxiety, more people than ever are attracted to the idea of temporarily escaping reality for a night to eat, drink and be scary.



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