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Alessio Romenzi’s TIME photo series wins 2013 World Press Photo Award


February 20, 2013

We’re honored to announce that Corbis contributor, Alessio Romenzi has been awarded 1st Prize Stories of the General News Category at the World Press Photo. The photos were taken in Al-Qusayr, Syria, where Alessio has been working on assignment for TIME Magazine.

Since the start of the uprising in Syria, Alessio Romenzi was determined to access the country to document and better understand the lives of those experiencing the violence and instability. Despite the challenges journalists face getting into Syria, Alessio patiently waited for one month in bordering Lebanon until the right opportunity presented itself.

Alessio has been no stranger to success this awards season, as he was also awarded the UNICEF photo of the year 2012. Read more about that on the Corbis blog.

See more of Alessio’s work from Syria on Corbis.

See the complete list of the 2013 World Press Photo Awards.



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