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The Anniversary of Sandy and CARE


November 11, 2013

The anniversary of Hurricane Sandy was at the end of October. The storm was devastating but was also the impetus for monumental examples of human kindness. CARE for Sandy was one of those examples. CARE, standing for “Cherished Albums Restoration Effort”, offers free digital restoration services for individuals and families whose photos have been damaged by the devastating hurricane. CARE was conceived after Lee Kelly happened across a web posting featuring two unidentified, damaged wedding photos that had washed ashore. The Brooklyn-based Creative Director had been browsing for post-Sandy volunteer opportunities on Staten Island. Lee used internet clues to track down the missing bride herself, phoned her and offered to restore the hurricane-battered images free of charge. Over the past year CARE for Sandy has archived over 4,200 images and logged 15,000 volunteer hours in service.

See more of their work at: http://www.careforsandy.org/



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