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2013 May Creative Research: Analog Appreciation


May 3, 2013

Analog Appreciation

For every trend there’s a counter trend. As our lives become increasingly tech-centric, our love and appreciation for physical objects and tangible experiences grows stronger.

Records and cassettes are experiencing a revival within the music industry, with both independent and mainstream artists releasing collectible singles and full-length albums in “retro” formats. Paper books, stationery, wristwatches and film cameras, meanwhile, are experiencing an uptick in interest as consumers look to fill the emotional void left by digitization of their beloved analog world.

By adopting items that people no longer have a real need for, younger generations are asserting their own form of originality—and quirkiness—that speaks to our society’s crave for nostalgia.

People of all ages are yearning for physical and tactile experiences, as screen time has become the default way of interacting with the rest of the world. They value up-close-and-personal relationships; the real things in life that provide more meaning, emotion and connection.



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