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Julie Dermansky photographs “The Real ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’”


February 22, 2013

The Oscar-nominated film, “Beasts of the Southern Wild” was filmed mainly in the “Bathtub” of New Orleans.  Corbis contributor, Julie Dermansky, spent time in the area capturing the real feel and beauty of the location of the indie hit.

The Real Beasts of the Southern Wild is part of her larger series on disappearing landscapes of Southern Louisiana. Although she hasn’t yet seen the film, Julie has been dedicated to documenting the multifaceted issues caused by both natural and man-made factors: climate change and rising waters, and the channels cut through the marsh created by the oil and gas industry.

“Special places on the planet will soon be lost to the next generation because of the reckless rate of industry that is permitted with little regard for the consequences,” Julies states.

She goes on to explain that, “Many feel helpless: their voices muffled under the interest of oil and gas companies … The French-creole American Indians feel abandoned by the Federal Government who doesn’t recognize them, and BP did little to help despite the damage to the seafood industry in the area. Some are fighting to keep their culture and land viable against all odds.”

See the Real Beasts of the Southern Wild on Corbis.

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