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Post-its and Posing in Oliver Rossi’s Newest Sticky Shoot


August 26, 2013

In modern businesses, post-its are a staple of an organized desk and an ordered life. However, Corbis art director Inga Balkenhoff had a different idea for them. She sought to connect business photography with the bright modern-day colors of sticky-notes that would catch the viewer’s eye. Oliver Rossi, an esteemed Corbis photographer who was nominated earlier this year for The International Master Color Awards, was the perfect choice for this enjoyable shoot. Taking place in Dusseldorf, Germany, each of these incredible murals showcased in the background of Rossi’s images consisted of 5,000 single stickers.

These sticky-notes were not just providing a colorful background, but also echoing the emotions portrayed by the four models. One of these murals includes a large tree complete with bright blue sky and lime-green grass. The happy nature of this image, combined with the brightness of the post-its, is strengthened by the playful attitude of the models that are seen peeking out from behind a door, doing handstands and completing cartwheels. A romance blooms between two models as lips and a heart in pinks, reds, whites and blues emerge from the sticky-notes, while a model plugs her ears as an orange bomb with a lit wick appears behind her.

At first glimpse, the post-it shoot seems fun-filled. But, in reality, the longer one views these images, the more complex they become. Each feeling portrayed by the models is reverberated in the elaborate murals behind them.

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