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A reflection on the 2013 LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph


June 28, 2013

LOOK3 is always an exciting event. It is important for Corbis to have a presence there because it provides some ability to source new photographers, but it also allows Corbis to be participants in a grassroots sort of way. It’s respite, really — a way to indulge in art and photography without the chatter of business.

It is, of course, a very busy time for the Corbis team since we are in full control of covering all of LOOK3’s conversations, galleries, and exhibits through photography and writing. In addition to our own channels, we were responsible for managing the LOOK3 blog, Twitter, and Facebook feeds, trying to extend the festival to people who could not attend — and to provide additional value as well. Not just a play-by-play, “this is what happened,” but to provide a unique perspective and further “LOOK” into the events over the four days.

The Corbis team traveled with 3 photographers: Nancy Borowick, T.J. Kirkpatrick, and Mark Makela; all photojournalists who tell completely different visual stories. They helped to document and enrich the visual experience for the online audience. Corbis team members wrote on all of the major talks. The writing had to be eloquent, insightful, and add something unique to what the audience already saw or heard.

The Corbis team worked behind the scenes to troubleshoot and augment the LOOK3 blog and homepage so as to optimize the experience for the audience. Corbis hosted an Instagram Contest with the theme of “Making Connections” and the lucky winner was announced during the last event on Saturday.

All in all we produced 12 essays/coverage and about 17 image galleries. Nearly 8000 pictures were produced. You can find all of our coverage on look3.org. The crowd was diverse — young, old, casual, professional — and the atmosphere was friendly. You could actually pull an artist aside and have a conversation with him or her.

Mark Makela, one of our photographers, was as much as fan as anyone else. He, himself, walked away with 7-10 books from the artists. He even stopped his idol, Josef Koudelka, on the street and told us of how Koudelka signed his book in private away from droves of fans. Nancy Borowick got some major play at the Canon booth for her bird earrings, and it was a pleasant ice breaker / conversation starter when she had to cover events.  Corbis is looking forward to the next LOOK 3 in 2015. New challenges await as the festival is growing and the faces of photography are changing.



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