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Nathan Benn: Kodachrome Memory, American Pictures 1972–1990

Florida alligator with open jaws at Gatorland


April 15, 2014

Corbis contributor Nathan Benn shot for National Geographic Magazine from 1972-1991, documenting people and places far and near. In October 2013, Powerhouse Books published a collection of Benn’s images shot during those years, most of which were not published in the legendary magazine. This nostalgia evoking coffee-table book, selected by American Photo Magazine as one  Read more...


2014 April Creative Research: The Green Truth

A helicopter lands on Pioneer Island in the North Land Archipelago


April 4, 2014

For years, the global population has been steadily moving toward more environmentally friendly products and practices. We reduce, re-use and recycle. We’re carrying fewer plastic bags and embracing more eco-friendly modes of transport. Still, despite our best efforts, the earth is suffering. Extreme temperatures, hurricanes, tornadoes and droughts are wracking our planet while glaciers are  Read more...


The World Cup on Corbis

Supporters of the team from Italy cheer during the FIFA World Cup quarter final


March 25, 2014

In anticipation of the World Cup this summer in Brazil, Corbis has begun assembling our most relevant photography around this spectacular event. You’ll find beautifully composed, model-released commercial imagery of sports action, sumptuous nature, and vivid local color. Capture the excitement of the world’s game and the beauty of the host nation with high-quality commercial content  Read more...


2014 March Creative Research: The Color of Creativity

Showgirls in the Middle of Nowhere


March 7, 2014

With spring (theoretically) just around the corner, we’re dedicating this month’s trend post to color. For years our preferences have bounced around the color wheel, shaped by the prevailing social, cultural and economic climate of the times. Soothing blues, back-to-nature greens and the occasional, revitalizing pops of red, pink and orange have all been favored  Read more...


Hackathon Recap

Reserved for Hackathon


March 4, 2014

We want to applaud all of the participants in the Hackathon this year. HAVAS Metro, BBDO, Arnold, Organic, Inc. and Grey all volunteered time and energy to a great cause. It was a tough decision for United Way but they picked a winner, HAVAS Metro. See below for all of the amazing submissions. Read more about  Read more...


Michele Westmorland and a Trip to Pingyao

View of City Tower on South Street AKA Ming-Qing Street


February 27, 2014

In September of 2013 we interviewed Corbis contributor Michele Westmorland about her upcoming trip to Pingyao, China. Now we follow up to see what Michele and her camera discovered. Corbis: Can you describe a typical day? How about some of the specific events? Michele: All of the exhibitors and attendees of the Pingyao International Photography Festival had  Read more...



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