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Incredible morphing portraits


October 9, 2011

“A single face can tell an entire story.” So says Benjamin Benser, our director of photography for Europe and creator of this curiously fascinating reel of morphing facial features. Built using “Morph Age Pro” software, the reel was Benjamin’s effort to create an image display more playful and engaging than a classic slideshow. It  Read more...


Hackathon Recap

Reserved for Hackathon


March 4, 2014

We want to applaud all of the participants in the Hackathon this year. HAVAS Metro, BBDO, Arnold, Organic, Inc. and Grey all volunteered time and energy to a great cause. It was a tough decision for United Way but they picked a winner, HAVAS Metro. See below for all of the amazing submissions. Read more about  Read more...


Michele Westmorland and a Trip to Pingyao

View of City Tower on South Street AKA Ming-Qing Street


February 27, 2014

In September of 2013 we interviewed Corbis contributor Michele Westmorland about her upcoming trip to Pingyao, China. Now we follow up to see what Michele and her camera discovered. Corbis: Can you describe a typical day? How about some of the specific events? Michele: All of the exhibitors and attendees of the Pingyao International Photography Festival had  Read more...



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